In May of 2005, the IBEW Local 47 fined me $250,000 for posting this website, and, Pat Lavin and Ron Delgato sued me over this website, on July 10, 2006 the California Superior Court (Case 05SL02340) ruled in my favor.   The site lives on...

I Feel Like...


IBEW Local 47 Attorney / Lawyer / Business Representative, Chester E. Bennett. ESQ. is unhappy with parts of  this website!  Read his emails and my responses here....    

Read Local 47's on-staff Lawyer Chet's rant: "if you ever grow a set of balls".

Always the consummate professional union official, Lawyer Chet says... "you are a lying sonofabitch".

This website was setup because of the lack of medical benefits.  In July 2004 the IBEW Local 47 negotiated one of the worse benefit packages ever.  Read it for yourself and decide just what do Business Managers, Representatives, and office workers whose average salary is over $150,000 do for us?    Click Here to see the huge pay raises they give themselves every year.  UPDATED OCTOBER 2016

* Local 47 Lawyer/Business Rep Chet Bennett claims that members voted for this outrageous pay raise, but has been unable to provide anything to support his claim...  Chick here to read what he has to say.

Has your BASE PAY increased 125% since 2000?  Click here to see whose pay has.

Some Full-Time SCE Employees who pay FULL Union Dues have NO Medical Coverage!

The IBEW47 claims everyone is treated equally, and that all members have Health coverage, but it's not so.  Like escaped Death Eaters from Azkaban, they have failed to negotiate for ALL member's to have medical benefits.

Maybe you need to ask yourself, how many Medical Benefits have I lost this year?

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 Having Union Problems? Tired of Paying Sky-High Dues?

Click here to find out about your rights and options

Deauthorization Election
Your right to eliminate forced union dues from your workplace

Decertification Election
Your right to eliminate the union from your workplace

NEW! Visit another Southern California website at "" to see what can happen when employees get together to fight forced unionism.  Stop being a financial slave to Union Bosses!

Union Members Bill of Rights  

Click here to go to the NLRB's Complaint Forms.

Click here to learn about the Right-to-Work-Committee working for you; Their belief:  No one should be forced to pay tribute to a union in order to get or keep a job. 

Click here to view Financial (LM-2) Reports about a Union

Local 47 Shortcut:  use IBEW and File Number:  024035

Click here to go to the LMRDA (US Dept of Labor) Home page

Click here to go to the National Right to Work Website

Click here to Reduce your Monthly Dues

Visit Union for info on union bosses, buy anti-union Shirts


New:  Supreme Court has struck down a high-profile California law

(SCE now free to tell employees the truth about Union Organizing)

This is what I’ve learned by experience.  If you have been expelled from your union for reasons other than non-payment of dues, the union, nor your employer, should not be deducting dues or fees from you.  This is called “forced unionism”.  Do not walk, but run to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) website and file a Complaint (see link above).  If you are unsure of the procedure, get free assistance from The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation .  The basis of this law is that the rights and privileges of membership are not available to expelled members and therefore they cannot be expected to pay dues or fees. 

If you are still a member, here is important information.  As long as you stay a member, you are subject to their rules and fines.  Legally you are not required to be a member.  Nor are you required to pay agency fees that are equal to dues.  You are only required to pay for actual bargaining and administration costs.  You shouldn’t have to pay for political donations, fancy trips to Hawaii and other places, or company cars not use exclusively for union business.  If you think I’m kidding, walk down the hall to the company bulletin board where they post work laws and read Department of Labor Poster.  There it is in Black and White.  Or, download it here from the Department of Labor.


Click Here Union Employees pay  -  UPDATED October 2016

Click Here to see the actual 2006 Financial Report

Click Here to see the actual 2007 Financial Report

Click Here to see the actual 2008 Financial Report

Click Here to see the actual 2009 Financial Report

Click Here to see the actual 2010 Financial Report

Click Here to see the actual 2015 Financial Report


Click this to link to the National Right to Work Newsletter (PDF) about this case.  Read pages 1 and 7.

IBEW Local 47 Agrees to the following:

1.  Not require me to PAY dues or agency fees.

2.  Stop filing lawsuits against me.

3.  Rescind the $250,000 fine.

4.  Refund $843 in agency fees collected.

5.  Pay me $8304 in Court Costs used in defending myself from the lawsuit they filed against me.

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Thank you for reading this.

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Disclaimer: All content on this website consists of my personal opinions, beliefs, experiences, and recollections of the trial.  The Business Manager, Mr. Lavin and his Lawyer, Mr. Bennett pointed out several times during the trial that I am not a Union Expert and therefore nothing I post should be taken as fact.  I am posting this website as a public forum for getting members and non-members to consider what this union is doing for those they represent.