How to Order Cards and Prints


We are still working on how to setup online ordering.  We are concerned about your payment security and what third party ordering systems costs, which would increase our prices.  Please bare with us while we figure this out.  If you have suggestions on how to make this better, please let us know!

Currently I take PayPal payments.  My PayPal account is:

If you don't have a PayPal account, please let me know and I will send you my address so you can send a check.


Shipping:  All shipping is done by Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes.  These are fast and tractable.  You'll know when to expect your package.  The only exception will be large rolled prints which will come in a tube.



Cards are $2.50 each, or six (6) cards for $12.99, plus 6% tax and Priority Mail postage is $8.70 whether you buy one (1) or a 100 cards.

Please send me an email with a list of what cards you want, based on the information above, or I can figure the cost and email you back.  Please be sure to include your full address!  I would appreciate it if you would include your phone number in case I need to clarify something.



At the current time the largest mat size is 8 x 10.  We hope to be able ship larger mats in the future.

THESE PRINTS ARE ON ARCHIVAL PAPER. If you want a canvas print, please let me know.

If you want a different size or quantity, including bulk orders, please email me for a quote, if at all possible, I will accommodate your wishes.

Prices include sales tax, shipping, and handling.  If you order multiple prints, and we can ship them in the same box or tube (for rolled prints), we will provide a shipping discount.

Line # Print Size Price Price with For Frame   Line # Print Size Price Price with For Frame
Mat Size   Mat Size
1 An Ideal Place to Be 5x7 $16.00 $30.00 8x10   17 Misplaced Wheels 5x7 $16.00 $30.00 8x10
2 8x11 $27.00       18 8x11 $27.00    
3 10x14 $47.00       19 16.5x22 $69.00    
4 Basque Sheep Wagon 7x5 $16.00 $30.00 10x8   20 Mountain Stream 8x11 $27.00    
5 10x7 $34.00       21 11x15 $49.00    
6 Blue Birds Flying 5x5 $16.00 $30.00 8x8   22 Poplars in the Wind 5x5 $16.00 $30.00 8x8
7 9x9 $25.00       23 9x9 $25.00    
8 Cabin At Stanley 4.375x7 $16.00 $30.00 8x10   24 Rainbows 23x17 $225.00    
9 6x9 $27.00       25 Retired 5x7 $16.00 $30.00 8x10
10 Cat Chasing Butterfly 5x5 $16.00 $30.00 8x8   26 7.75x10.75 $34.00    
11 9x9 $25.00       27 10x14 $65.00    
12 Dove With Laurel 5x5 $16.00 $30.00 8x8   28 Tricycle Dreams 23x17 $225.00    
13 9x9 $25.00       29 Wide Open Spaces 5x5 $16.00 $30.00 8x8
14 Light on a Leaf 12x20 $50.00       30 9x9 $25.00    
15 18x30 $115.00       31 Winter Game Escape 11x14 $49.00    
16 24x40 $200.00       32 Woven Wire 5x5 $16.00 $30.00 8x8
              33 9x9 $25.00    



When ordering be sure to Email me the (1) complete shipping address, (2) your phone number, (3) what you are ordering, and your PayPal name if different than your email address.

Email me at:     



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