Biography of Brian Schreiner


Brian Schreiner was born at Sculthorpe Air Force Base, Norfolk, England, U.K. on September 11, 1955. He lived in South Creek near the coast and in Stow-on-the-Wold, a hilltop town in the Cottswolds which was started by the Romans with its two thousand year old buildings and cobblestone streets. In 1965 he moved to Mountain Home, Idaho, and grew up in the west with the outdoors and wide-open spaces. Art has appealed to Brian from the earliest times of drawing and painting in school or at home. The desire to work as a professional artist prompted him to work towards a Bachelor of Fine arts and Education degrees along with some architectural design.

Brian spent the following ten years in Los Angeles, California pursuing creative endeavors. He gained experience in commercial art, toy design, interior design and mural projects and has designed restaurants and painted murals for many interesting clients. Projects include "Executive Decision Maker" coffee cup mug, Rosie's BBQ Grillery Restaurants, a mural around a fish tank in a hospital, working on a motion picture crew "Private School," Lancaster California Museum of Fine Art watercolor show, painting an angel picture onstage for a Life Flight Festival of Trees Auction, and painting a garden hummingbird mural with a picket fence for his wife, Cindy.

Brian began exhibiting formally in 1979, and since has had many shows in the western United States and is represented in many private collections. Brian began printmaking in 1988. He thinks that creating art is like attempting alchemy: (a process of transforming various elements into gold). It is possible to make art by combining thoughts, living experiences and art materials in attempting to make good art? Some paintings are created with definite goals and research to tell a story, some are created to cause a discussion about a given topic, and others are painted simply to capture a scene or design in which the viewer might find their own varied meanings. Schreiner's work is an attempt at fusion blurring the line between realism and abstractionism * "realistic abstracts".

Poetic and whimsical in nature, Brian's paintings are often the result of a wandering storyteller creating symbolic images of Western America.

Brian Schreiner lives in Boise, Idaho.



Artist Statement


To me the world is like a kaleidoscope constantly changing and evolving, providing endless sources to use as subject matter in creating my art.  As an artist, I want my art to cause the viewer to contemplate the art and what it represents and to enjoy the work as they experience it in their own unique way.

When I see an image that I would like to recreate, I contemplate the way I would like to present the image to the viewers of the piece.  My purpose is to include the viewer in the piece in a way that is uniquely theirs.  Whether the work is a painting, a sculpture or mural, my goal is to provide enjoyment and pleasure for the viewer.

My artistic technique varies depending on the piece that I am creating at the time.  Some of my work is commercial and some is created solely for the purpose of enjoyment.  That enjoyment is what I feel when I am creating the work and hopefully my audience feels enjoyment and delight when they view the pieces.

My artworks are well made pieces of art and constructed of permanent materials created to last for a lifetime of delight to the viewer.


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