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The following photos are from the showing of his work at Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona Fall 2006 through February, 2007 (http://www.westernmuseum.org/)


Entrance to exhibit at Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg

Pawnee Woman bronze with drawings in background

Arizona Highways Magazine cartoon drawings

Claybasket and Apache bronzes with Arizona drawings in background

Studio recreation with desk and artifacts

Studio recreation

Jim's animation table with colored markers

Studio close up. Note Fat Albert bronze in background created for Bill Cosby project

Rollin' One bronze and Arizona Highway drawings

Arizona people and Sharlot Hall bronze

Bronze entitled "My Dad" and Arizona Cowman in foreground. Caricatures of famous Arizona people in background

Self portrait, drawings of Ms. Kitty and figure work

Six birds of the Southwest. Jim drew 100 birds for a book project that was never published

Video DVD is from interviews that were run on TV


For information on Jim's work or if your museum would like to display this work, please send an email to:  art@cowboycartoonist.com


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