(Herman and Helen (Earley) Boettjer of Long Island, New York)

Photo from 1928 - L to R: Charlie, Bob, Herman, Joe, Helen, Helen, and Art


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Summer 1950



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Four Brothers - Charlie, Billy, Bobby, and Art (WW II time period 1944)

Nassau & Suffolk Counties
    Mr. Boettjer is now since 1926 general superintendent of the Long Island
State Park Commission, with headquarters in Belmont Lake State Park,
Babylon. In this work he is associated with Arthur E. Howland. Mr. Herman
Boettjer was born in New York City on July 15, 1888, and began his education
There. Completed high school in 1906. He attended the Famed Cooper Union
Institute until 1910. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in
Civil engineering. Immediately thereafter Mr. Boettjer accepted appointment
As engineer in charge of surveys, design and construction for the New York
State Highway Department. In 1922 he was promoted to county assistant
Engineer in charge of state highway construction and maintenance work in
Eight easterly towns of Suffolk County. This position he held until 1926.
Mr. Boettjer is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America and the Knights of
Columbus, and in both of these he is past secretary.  He is also a member of
The Rotary Club of Babylon. With his family he worships at the Church of St.
Joseph, Roman Catholic, in Babylon. Mr. Boettjer and Helen Earley were
Married in New York City on June 26, 1912. They are the parents of six
Children:  Joseph H., born 1913; Charles J., born 1915; Arthur F., born
1917; Robert L., born 1922; William J., born 1925; and Helen J., born 1930.

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Info added Dec 2013

Arthur Francis Boettjer
of Herman Boettjer 15 July 1888 New York Died June 1967 Babylon, Suffolk, NY 
and Helen Earley 24 Dec. 1889 . Died 24 June 1978 
Her parents were born in Ireland.

Herman Conrad Friederick Boettjer born 26 Jan 1864 Germany
He died 17 June 1909 Bronx, NY
His wife, Delia McCracken born 8 Oct. 1867 New York. She died 28 Decl. 1952. 

David McCracken born about 1840 Northern Ireland. Died about 1885 at Sea.
His wife Margaret Hoey
born 14 Nov. 1846 Armagh, Ireland. Died 19 Jan 1905 New York.

Peter Hoey. Born about 1805 Northern Ireland.
Died before 1864 Northern Ireland.
His wife Esther Connolly born about 1809 Northern Ireland.
She died about 9 March 1899 Armagh, Ireland.


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